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Change is hard. Life not working is harder. A million experiences have brought you to today...the good, the tragic and the unimaginably lovely. Within your experience is potential for success however you define it and no matter your origin, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation, gender, race, IQ, body size, education. People want good in their lives but sometimes get lost along the way. It's part of being human. I understand that and have built my practice around compassionately normalizing human struggle and helping people create better lives using their commitment to change along with their values and strengths.

My specialty is helping people develop self-awareness through a variety of methods towards identifying what is and isn't working in their lives. I hold safe space for people to be able to mindfully and authentically identify their values and goals to recreate and live the lives they want.

My practice considers the brain/body connection, attachment, and full life narrative as I support people to find their way. I use mindfulness, talk therapy and historically, neurofeedback. I assert compassionate accountability in helping people stay on track and I have witnessed amazing change. In person or online, I'd be privileged to help you too.

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